Relax Relate Release Repeat

January 06, 2020

Relax Relate Release Repeat

Featured this Quarter: BREATHE!

Everyone learns to breathe with the first slap of existence, the question is ..."how effectively"?  Infants learn to breathe deeply naturally.  Breathing deeply, we have learned, removes toxins from the body, relaxes the muscles, releases tension in the body.  Spiritually speaking, breathe is the connection between the body and the ultimate source of your life.  Biblical scriptures states that without breathe we/humans would be as a tree branch - stiff and immobile.

Watch your breathe as it circulates throughout your body.  As I study, I learn that breathe, which we too often take for granted fuels the body, strengthens it with mobility and adaptability to the stress of life.  Each cell of the body is energized by oxygen, breathe.  Perhaps I think too deeply about the little molecules that comprise air. Air that carries water.  Air that excites our olfactory sense, what a wonderful conductor to our well being.  You should recognize that exercise (simply walking), nutritious food (clean pure water) and non stale air moves "US" forward toward our mission in this life.

Think about it as you walk though the store.  We are thinking about all those things that help your body.  Its important, you're important, air is important and what we offer is important to enhance your wonderful breathe.

Breathe in, breathe deeply and in all things give thanks to your spiritual creator because HE gave you breathe.   Just Breathe!

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