We have attended a meditation retreat in the Black Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to get a deeper appreciation and enriched understanding of health, mind, body, breathe.  Check out the scenic view- beautiful as well as serene. Everyone should visit the facility at the YMCA in Black Mountain.  The retreat day began with 6 AM Zen meditation classes to clear the mind and relax the body, then 7:15 AM outdoor crisp air Chee Gong exercises to awaken the body followed by some breakfast.  The day would not be complete without historical instruction and Tai Chi Ch'uan.

Black Mountain Asheville, NC

My experience, first day resulted in blissful sleep.  Totally exhausted albeit grateful to have learned something new.  Did I forget the Yoga session?  The most invigorating is the warrior pose  Why you may ask?  Something I could do with ease (so I thought). until my legs and arms informed me that these muscles haven't been used in this manner in years. 

So what's left after the excursion?   Hot bath, aromatherapy oil massage and infusion and roller ball to relax the muscle.  Mats, blocks, gear, shoes for hiking, infused water bottles and trusty camera did the trick. So what's your next journey in life towards mindfulness, body health and spiritual wealth?


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