APRICOT Natural Oil

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Economy Travel/Purse size:10ml (.33 ozs.),;Ships for $1.00; Diffusive, Floral; Infusion / Skin Safety:10

Suggested Topical *Efficacy: athletes foot odor eliminator, anti epileptic, anti rheumatic, insecticide, soothes sore throats, anti hysterics, remove spores.


Ever wonder who’s making that wonderful pie? Then you discover it’s an infuser and Apricot oil. You’re more relaxed and you want your home to have that same feeling. Open house presentations, real estate brokers help sell homes with this technique. The air is energized for thinking and relaxing. The masseuse and naturalist use this oil to soften the skin, silken the hair and blend with other natural oils. As it turns out, Apricot oil is a “Capital Element 2” make all energy positively better.

More health conscious people are discovering about APRICOT kernel: as an insecticide, anti microbials, remover of food borne pathogens, spores and lice terminator.   ... your benefits are showing. 

Ingredient / Scientific Name: APRICOT kernel [ ] Natural Oil
Sale Sizes NET WT: 10ml (.33 ozs.)
Infusion/Skin Safety [Least: 1 - Most Safe: 10] 10

Brand Name: Vanilla World
Ingredients/ Scientific Name: APRICOT kernel Essential Oil May contain almond kernel oil]
Certification: GZZZ
Model Number: JC18
Size: 10ml (.33 ozs.)
Country/Region of Manufacture: China

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WARNING: For external use only
Dilute in an oil base(Virgin Plant Oil/Cold Pressed) when using on skin. Mix with cold pressed essential Virgin Plant oils. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue usage. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult a physician before usage. This product does not suggest ultimate cures, diagnosis, treatments or remedies from disease.  Discontinue usage and consult your physician if you experience adverse reactions. Keep out of children reach as you would any medications. Keep away from eyes.


This product does not suggest ultimate cures, diagnosis, treatments or remedies from disease.  *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.



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