The Griot

Universal principles are laws that transcend time. Following these laws to build strong mental aptitude, stable bodies and solid financial footings is the cornerstone of Capital Elements 2. 

Capital Elements 2 surfaced from the idea of scriptural manna that the Israelite received whilst in the wilderness around Mt Sinai as the history is told.  This manna sustained the people providing necessary nutrition for the bodies.

The history of the events also informs us that the people were to pray and follow a regimen in order to keep themselves alive whist they girded themselves for the promise of a better life.  

Capital Elements 2 recognizes through these readings that man and woman need sustenance physical exercise and nourishing spiritual food to live healthier fulfilling lives.  So the mission for the company became offer everyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation and social status the opportunity to ship in one location and be fed in their body, mind, spirit and finances those elements which are needed for wholeness and wellness.

Capital Elements 2 understands there are fundamental elements to every'one's existence and they need to be feed, supported and nurtured. We at Capital Element 2 wish that you enjoy your experience shopping in our store, that the items here may be an empowerment to you and your family and friends. And that you would feel comfortable sharing your experience support us in our endeavor to support peace in the world through positive thoughts and outward uplifting energy.

Be Blessed!

S. Maira Duncan