Sponsored Events

Are you sponsoring an event centered towards health and wellness?  Are you a motivational speaker and want to get your message into the hands of people who can lend support to making this world a safer place to dwell?  We would be interested in helping you get the message to others.

There is no cost for signing up to support Capital Elements 2 for that gesture, we will be enthused to have your message social awareness.  We do have some requirements since we are partnering in this effort.  If your event has intent of malice to any human being, animal or plant in which we dwell; we can not support it.  Our members believe in our harmonious vision and we will not disappoint.  We reserve the option to showcase only those events that under gird our vision.

We will communicate through email and our flagship website Capital Elements 2 as well as our store platform. 

Be Blessed!

S. Maira Duncan