CE2 Newsletter

First Quarter, 2018

The beginning of the closing of this year has been full of mystery and wonder on the political front to the republics back.  The stress of anticipation manifests itself in increasing asthmatic symptoms upon our bodies.  Truly it has been difficult to breathe through the awareness of corruption seen within the highest places in our nation.  At community ground zero, we continue to see loss of life where all lives matters. Global dysfunction has warped our sense of human dignity, demanding that we get in touch with our spiritual being which is rooted in love, kindness, forgiveness all this, the ultimate medicine for our bodies.

As we look forward to the new year of refreshing, lets think our bodies and mind need renewing though clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables and sustaining weight bearing life protein.  Our bodies can not function without these basic capital elements.  Yes, it too are the building blocks of our global existence.

We promote the alkaline sticks to energize our water.  We promote wall art which supporting the calming our nervous system.  It's critical that we embrace the goodness in ourselves to heal ourselves and our world.

Look inward to the answer and continue to be blessed.