My Mouth's About to get Me In Trouble

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How MANY times have we wanted to take it back right after it left your mouth?  
Will now we have a reason for the season.  The internal filter left the body to its own recognizance.  Pray more attentively to the words coming out of your mouth or use the cup to get you out of the jam. 
Enjoy your Favor, Be Blessed, Be Empowered
_ Mug Message: Rated "G" General Family
_ Accommodating: Handle designed to accommodate hand sizes and dominance 
_ Cleansing: Dishwasher and microwave safe
_ Inking: Long lasting with manual washing and mild detergent
_ Design: Message printed on front and backside
_ Variants: Sizes: 11 and 15 oz; Black and/or White [Display: 11 oz White ]
_ Durability: Long lasting (ceramic- handle with care)
_ Support: Hot and/or Cold beverages, milk shakes, food, etc., 
_ Occasions: Great for parties, microwave baking single serving cakes and muffins

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Type: Coffee Mug

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