Off Road Sport Mouth Muffler - Anti-pollution, Anti-fog Filter

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PRODUCT INFO: Adjustable Velco for a secure snug fit, Ease of Cleaning


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"Eat Dust" no longer applies when wearing your off road sport mouth muffler. With your Motor/Bike Sport Mouth-muffler you're in control. Its lightweight and secure with adjustable aluminum nose clip. Healthy breathable anti fog construction releases moisture. Fashionable soft non scratchy neoprene fabric, dust proof activated carbon filters. Adjustable Velco for a secure snug fit. So comfortable, you'll forget you have it on.

Use with any outdoor sport, bicycle, skateboarding, jogging, running, training, etc.  Unisex/Adult waterproof breathable fabric.  Recommend warm water rinsing for 15 minutes for before/after usage.  Stay clean - Stay Healthy  ... fitness your benefits are showing. "Its Wellness and Fitness Your Way"

Material: Neoprene
item number: D6608-R

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Type: Fitness

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