Aquatic Free Weight Barbell - Meditative Aqua Weight

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Grip: 9.2 cm; Length: 26.2 cm, Height: 10 cm, Non Slip Grip, Light and Firm travel weight, Infuse with clean water, Cleaning simple. Secure Closures, Ship for $1.00


Traditional Awareness: Meditative Aqua Weight [listen to rhythm of water as you tone muscles], Aquatic Barbell, Rehabilitative therapy, Restorative Motor Function, Strengthening, Practical Ubiquitous Travel Weight, Easy of repetitive Toning - Tip: Wrap Rubber Band Around Gripping Area provides sturdier grip.

More health conscious people are discovering the benefits of restorative yoga, Pilates and low impact exercises for all ages  From beginners to experts all recognize that ... fitness your benefits are showing. "It's Wellness and Fitness Your Way"

Application: Filled with [Tap/Distilled] Water 
Filled With/Without water:  1kg [2.20 lbs]/100g [.22 lbs]
Size:  Length: 26.2 cm, Height: 10 cm  Grip: 9.2 cm;
Unit: 1 pcs  barbell [free weight]
Brand Name: YOMER 

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