Magnet Back Brace - Spine Alignment

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12 high energetic magnets contact Spine and lumber region, Non restricting design, Comfortable, Ease of Wear, Retractable/Adjustable elastic straps, Colors [B/W], Same Price for XL/XXL


Traditional Awareness:  Great for office and desk sitting personnel (call centers, executives, etc),  Flight Attendants, Athletes, Models, Actors/Actresses, Seniors supportive posture training,Chiropractic type Fitness Equipment -  Adjustable Posture Band - Supporting design helps correct bad body posture of back and shoulders,Pulls shoulders and back to posture, Provides gentle back support, Prevention of adolescent customary humpback, Support Body Corset with adjustable elastic, Shoulder straps suitable for Men Women,  

More health conscious people are discovering the benefits of restorative yoga, Pilates and low impact exercises for all ages  From beginners to experts all recognize that ... fitness your benefits are showing. 


Braces & supports: Body Corset Back Belt Brace

Waist: 60 - 82 cm - suggest size small
Waist: 60 - 82 cm - suggest size small
Waist: 82 - 86 cm - suggest size medium
Waist: 86 - 90 cm - suggest size Large
Waist: 90 -  97 cm - suggest size X-Large
Waist: 97 - 108 cm - suggest size XX-Large

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Material: Composite Material
Color: Black, White
Braces & supports: Body Corset Back Belt Brace
Application: Adjustable Posture Band
Brand Name: AO FEI TE

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