Wall Clock Lock Box

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Secures Valuables: Non-Toxic: Cash/Jewelry Safe: Priced to Safety: Hidden in Plain Sight: Efficient Shipping!

Hide in plain sight the treasures you've worked diligently to obtain deterring preying eyes and sticky fingers.  Your Wall lock Clock  mounts easily; safely stores: money, jewelry, credit cards, passports, heirlooms and your valuable items. Sturdy construction, functions on a single AA battery keeping time. Perfect for protecting the valuable of your elderly family. Now, roving eyes only see when it's their time to leave.  Make it your own, give a decorative facing to further disguise it's real function.  (AA battery not included). 

Shape: Round
Material: Plastic
Size: 11.2 in x 11.2 in x 3.15 in
Depth: 7 cm
Brand Name: STOOG

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Type: Financials

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