Half Finger Sports Gloves

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Lycra Microfiber Material, Breathable, Velco Wrist Strap Closure, Washable and durable. Maintains shape. Youth/Children & Adult [M/F] sizes, Four Colors [Blue, Red, Black, Orange], Ships $1.00.


Traditional Awareness: Body Building Fitness Gloves uses: for gym and sports activities, hand and wrist support, secure barbell(s), dumbbell(s), free weights, Exercise Training and Workout, Crossfit Weight Lifting, Suitable for Children, Men and Women, Avoid blisters, Minimize hand/wrist injury, Improve workouts, Wear Gloves/Not Chalks 

Every serious Body Builder, trainer and sports coach knows your GRIP advantage is vital to your successful workouts.  

 Half Finger Outdoor/Indoor Sport, Weight Lifting Gloves

Pattern Type: Patchwork Style
Main Material: Lycra Microfiber

Package Size: One Pair (choose Adult [M/F] or Children/Youth)
Adult [M/F] Hand Size: Length: 14 cm [5.5 in] x Width: 11 cm [4.3 in] -  
Adult [M/F] Palm Size: 9 to 10.5 cm [3.5 to 4.1 ins]

Children/Youth Hand Size: Length: 11 cm [4.3 in] x Width: 9 cm [3.5 in] -  
Children/Youth Palm Size: 8 to 9 cm [3.1 to 3.5 ins]

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